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My Recipe Book

Excellent app, simple, clear, functional. I really like the fact I can put my own photos in there to illustrate my recipes. I wish I could share the recipes directly onto Facebook and Tweeter. If I could, I would give it 5 Stars.

My recipes

Excellent: useful, simple...I particularly appreciate the easy multiply/divide feature and sorting to view my favorites.

Two big problems

1) I saw this app on a friends ipad and liked it for its "create your own recipe" But this is missing in the iphone version Hope it will be added on the next version. 2) measures are not in metric system (grams etc.)

Was better before

After v7, I can no longer see the ingredient names as the field is blocked by the keyboard in IPad. It is impossible to add recipes manually now or even make corrections. No response from the creator of this programme.

Good, but needs work..

Good app, easy to use. Easy and custom import works really well. Only drawback is that it doesnt work well with localized caracters like "á, é, ç", etc.. Otherwise I really recommend it.


It is a great app. Works really well.

Excelente!!! / Excelent!!!

O melhor aplicativo para receitas que encontrei. Prático, com visual agradável, consigo buscar receitas de todas as partes e colocar também as minhas. Só falta uma versão em português, para ficar perfeito! The best app for recipes I found. Practical, with nice visuals, I can get recipes from all over and also put mine. Just missing a version in Portuguese, to stay perfect.

Love it!

This is absolutely amazing, exactly what Ive been looking for! Thank you for this great app!

Just perfect!

Now I have my recipes with me wherever I go! And they look excellent! Well done!


Nice if you intend to manually type in every single own recipe. I did not find an easy way (copy-past or data transfer) to get my recipes uploaded. I deleted it again the same day

Just great

This is it: a collection of MY recipes. Just type in a recipe (with good help re. known ingredients) or copy them from any web site. Only thing missing: support for non-english measurements. If I could just rename "tbsp" to something in my language.

Doesnt work on iPhone

Works on ipad but not on my iphone so isnt great for on the go. Ill look at another app. I heard paprika is good?

Great app, but interface is old!

Nice app offering a robust recipe importation system, but the interface must be modernized, and it must support foreign languages better. For exemple, it have a very tough time importing French caracters and measurements.

Bad in iPod Touch

Works great on my iPad but it is terrible on iPod Touch. Each keystroke takes 10 seconds to enter, why the delay? Searches pull up your list of recipe titles written on top of each other so you cannot read them or select the right one. I really like the app on my iPad, come on developers get your act together.

Its still my favourite....

I was nervous to update given the recent negative reviews but by and large this is still my favourite app for storing my old family favourite recipes. For those having issues - you might want to delete and reinstall it as thats done the trick for me on other apps. I have it on two iPads - and downloaded the update first on my mini 3 to test it out - works great. I hope the developer doesnt give up on this app and not give us further updates when necessary. Kudos - still love it!

Great App

I have been using this app for a couple of years and I still love it! It works great for importing online recipes, on the iPad it is really easy to add recipes I only wish they had it available for my Mac.

What happened??

This used to be my favourite app. Now it freezes every time I go online to find a recipe. So disappointing. Giving it a 2 star review until that issue was fixed because finding good recipes online and storing them in the app was exactly how I used it. At least I can still see what Ive already saved.

Love this app

I use this on my iPhone and iPad and really like it. Its not perfect but its simple and easy to use. I add all my fav recipes here and have also used the search websites and added those in. Just added Buddha Bowl recipes from the livestrong website with copy and paste and now I have them with easy access next time. Id like to be Abe to store nutritionals and easily share recipe cards with others. Please keep up with this app as it could be the best one out there with a bit more time to develop. Thanks

Great app… but

I love to use this app, but it would be REALLY nice if the app could be downloaded to my mac so I could easily enter recipes from my computer. Also it crashes constantly right now… hoping an update will fix this

My Recipe Book

This is my favourite app. It is easy to use, has all the help you can use in the kitchen. The only thing it doesnt do is chop vegetables for you. It is slowly doing away with a bookshelf of cook books.

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