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Desktop App

I love this app on my iPad and iPhone but I so need this for my desktop. I hope to see an app for the desktop soon! REAL SOON PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing app, no updates or support

I love this app and have used it for years to save/import recipes from websites. I, and many others have been begging for a way to type recipes on a computer and sync with absolutely no response. I have around 200 recipes that Id like to add, but the time involved in typing them all on my iPad is ridiculous. Although MANY people have requested this feature and although other requests are answered, customer service just ignores this request completely. Very disappointing. Im looking for another app that will meet my needs. It makes me very sad because I LOVE so many features of this app, but Ive been waiting more than a year for a response.

Great recipe organizer

Ive had this app on my iPad for years. My kids have since taken said iPad over so Ive decided to start using this on my iPhone. The switch was amazingly easy as all I had to do was sync my recipes and voila! Theyre on my phone! My only problem with the app is that it doesnt import recipes from some websites that I use (namely, Rachael Rays magazine site), so I have to manually enter them. Other than that, I havent had any problems.

Used to love this app when it was reliable

Ive had this app for a few years and have used it and relied on it every day. This month it began crashing routinely on my iPad and is barely usable. It is my hope and plea for the developers to provide an update correcting existing problems that I and others are experiencing. Then I will be glad to give a 5-star rating, which is what I would have done prior to the constant crashing issue.

Ok app not great

It is ok, it needs updates.

Not functional

Very slow with any decent size recipe collection. Zero support. Freezes. Disappointing.

I love this app

The more I use it, the more I really really love this app. Took a while to learn it but very glad it did.


Cant import my recipes from Pinterest. Tried to copy the URL link and paste it into this app but I cant upload the recipe that way either.. This app needs som major improvements!


I love this recipe app! You can share recipes easily with friends and the ease of adding recipes you find online. Easy to import your recipes that have been typed in other programs. Love how you can double, triple, etc the recipe with one swipe and all the ingredients are updated to the right amounts. Thanks for an awesome app!!

Not good.

Says it can download receipes from websites – it cant. Dont even bother to try. I tried many times on iPhone 6 and iPad and after entering all the info as directed the app tried and tried to save it, but it just couldnt do it. Very frustrating. Boo.

The best so far

This recipe app is the only one I really like what do you mean easily import recipes from multiple website as well as enter my own. I really hope they keep maintaining it and improving it. Its worked great for me.


Love the app but I would like a bigger place for the photo of my recipe cards.


Significant updates are few and far between. App works, but it hasnt kept pace with iOS. Development has stagnated. Sad!

Recipe Book

I really like this app. However it needs to be updated to work correctly with the apple updates. Right now (after the Os10 update) it takes all preparation and cooking times and changes the minutes to hours. So you end up with a recipe taking 75 hours instead of the 75 minutes that you entered.

Would be a 5 star app if...

The information states that you can change and edit the categories, and it even tells you how to do it. However, it appears as though that feature has been removed. I would like that back so I can categorize them to my liking.

Awesome app

A must have for recipe lovers. It works perfectly. Please help- How do I add the app to my Macbook.

Commercial Kitchen using this app and loving it

We have been using this app for two years in a commercial kitchen environment (veggie and WE LOVE THIS APP. I’m writing a review in hopes that more people discover this app so we can eventually have a desktop version … We love being able to sync recipes remotely, and as a busy chef I love being able to check a recipe on the run and make changes as needed. Keep up the great work with MyRecipeBook!

Great app! Just a couple of suggestions...

I really like this app. I like how easy it is to pull favorite recipes (or new, interesting-looking recipes) from the web into a single place. I like that I can edit/tweak the recipes to my hearts desire. I like how, if I ever want to cook for more or fewer people (i.e., change the yield of a recipe), I can have it automatically calculate new quantities/volumes for the various ingredients called for. There are just a couple of other organizational features I wish it had, without which I cannot give it the full five stars: I wish it were possible to edit the list of categories. For instance, theres no "Italian" category, which I would love to be able to add. There are a number of categories Id like to add, and Im sure Im not the only one. I imagine users needs in this area are as diverse as the users themselves, and thus the ability to customize how the data is labeled would be nice for a lot of people. I also wish it would accommodate subject headings in a recipes ingredients list. For instance, if Im making a salad, I want to be able to visually separate the ingredients for the salad itself and the ingredients for the dressing. If Im making lasagna, I want to have one section of ingredients for the marinara sauce and one for the cheese filling, etc. I also wish there were a few more cooking web sites that the app would interface with, but I realize that might depend on the meta data, etc. used by the web sites in question, which would be out of the hands of the apps developers. Apart from the first two suggestions I mentioned, my kudos go to the developers of this very handy tool.


I love this app. Makes recipe searching and storing beyond easy. And I have my grocery list at my finger tips!!! Highly recommend!!!


The custom import is not working. If I want to add a recipe, I have to add it manually. The custom import feature is the only reason I bought this app.

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