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Quite awesome!

I have just one question.....Is this also available for my android phone? I love this app but have a feeling that it is Apple only?

Great app but...

This is THE killer app for recipes. Better than anything I've ever used. But it desperately needs support and updating. The share feature would be awesome to have but it doesn't work at all. Making sure the app's functionality remains up to date with latest iOS versions is essential too. If it's a money thing, I would pay for this app if it meant more support.


I love the program! Could you add: Rate a recipe? Rest or proof time? It’s a possible to use the program on her computer? Also can I share my recipes with my children who have android devices?

Love this app, but having a new problem

I have had this app for several years and literally use it every day. With the most recent update, however, I have lost a little functionality. When browsing on-line sites to upload new recipes, I can no longer navigate around the site. If I browse a recipe and then want to go back to the previous page, there is no way to do it. My only option is “Done” which takes me back to my own recipe list. There used to be an arrow that would take me back to the previous page rather than kicking me out of the online site. It is a bit frustrating and I hope you can address it! Otherwise, this has been a very useful and enjoyable app! Edited 4/28/18 : WOW! Fixed my problem! Thank you, thank you!!

Apple Watch app doesn’t work

Apple Watch app stopped working. Crashes every time I launch please fix.

Still the best recipe app

I’ve used this app for years and it is the only app for me. I sent in a very small issue yesterday after recent update. I received an email response in a an hour or two, and then today got another email telling me about the update to fix the issue. One day! That is impressive and awe inspiring. Thanks so much and if you ever stop I’ll be lost.

I love this app!

I have so many original recipes and finally an app in which I can keep all of the recipes together. Photo's easily added and sending recipes to friends and family makes this my number 1 app!!! If you have your own recipes this app is for you!!!

Great app

I love it. I cannot live without it.

Update for iPad Pro Please

I love this app, have been using it for years. Unfortunately with the last update, the app does not show a full screen shot. Something has gone wrong. Please send a fix ASAP! I have almost 3000 recipes which I would hate to loose!

Not full screen on iPad Pro

Always use the app and love it. But the latest update will not show full screen on 12” iPad Pro.

Great App

Will you ever make the app compatible with Droid and Samsung devices?

Was great and would have been 5 stars...until latest update

I’ve had this app for about 4 years and have always loved how it worked until now. The latest update made it much harder to see the recipes on the full screen of iPad. Some of the icons jump to over and cover part of the recipe when in landscape or enlarge print. It almost looks like I have the phone version on my iPad now...which I do not. I was able to scan the list of recipes and glance at individual recipe on same screen when in landscape....can no longer do this. I did not have these problems previous to the update. Please change the app back!

Better than any other recipe app

I have been collecting web recipes in Evernote and buying ebooks of cookbooks. Evernote gets strange formatting issues sometimes that you can’t seem to fix without desktop version. And trying to cook with the kindle app is so frustrating with all the formatting quirks and terrible searching functions. So I’ve started compiling everything into this app. It’s a bit tedious by hand but worth its weight in gold for the organization feature. Having timers built in is sweet too so I don’t have to yell, "hey Siri...Hey Siri! set a timer for 15 minutes" Siri: ok I’ve set a timer for 50 minutes. <insert facepalm here> 4 things I wish for in this app: Add a prep drop down like the ingredient name so I can choose "chopped, minced, etc..." rather than have 10 different listings of onion as a ingredient. Would also make the grocery list so much cleaner too. Another would be the ability to bold, highlight, and/or color text in the directions. I have a habit of skipping over ingredients and it would help to make them stand out more. It would also be nice to tag each direction with estimated time for completion so when making multiple items or meal prep, I can be much more efficient. The last would be to tag grocery list items to the recipe so if I change my mind while shopping, I don’t accidentally skip something I shouldn’t of or buy something I didn’t need.

What has this update done!!

Love this App have been using it on my iPad and iPhone for 5 years, outside of slow to load on my iPhone it is great but today when I logged in on my iPad Pro it is coming across as 1/3 of the page. Please fix!!

What has changed with this app?

I’ve been using this app on and off for a few years, and always found it to be easy to use, even when using “Custom Import.” Lately, though, when I have to import manually, the app doesn’t let me capture all the information I need for each category and runs all the ingredients together, rather than putting them on separate lines. Frustrating and always takes additional typing and cleanup. There must be better apps out there.

Good idea, 20-th century look

The "cutting board diary" UI design needs to go! This skeumorphic abomination belong in a museum!

Needs more

Trying to replace an outdated app that I liked very much. Need customize able categories and perhaps a description field Need to make picture selectable so you can view a bigger image if you tap on it.

I Still Love this app!

i do still love this app! i would like to see "Cut & Paste" from a website tho ...... it would be easier than having to hand write a recipe in order to type it in by hand

Just love it! But can’t download Taste of Home.

So easy to use and love the ability to download and add recipes from my favorite places.

Recipe app review

I have always liked this app and use it quite a lot. However it has been getting worse as far as crashing. It crashes all the time. It could be when I’m opening the app itself or opening a recipe or doing a search. It doesn’t seem to matter. It is getting to the point where it is really quite irritating. I never know if it is actually going to work. I use an iPad, about a year old, don’t know if that makes a difference or not. Anyway I would appreciate any suggestions you have. I really do like your app and appreciate it very much. Thank you.

Missing a very important feature

I bought this because I frequently tear out pages from magazines and want to just photograph the recipe and file it. Unfortunately you can’t zoom in on the picture so I wasted my money. My search continues

Love this app!

I have had this app for several years now and love it! I only wish it connected to my Mac computer so I can download recipes from there instead of my iPad or phone. Otherwise it’s great and it is super helpful that it connects my grocery list from the iPad to the phone.

Love it

Love the app. Love I can copy and paste or load from online. I wish you could print the recipe. My hubby likes paper! Updated I found the print and here you can email as well. This app is even better then I thought

Lost my recipes!!

I entered TWO recipes to start using this app and they stayed in there a total of three days and were suddenly replaced with 24 crappy recipes out of nowhere. I don’t care about those, I want mine back! Actually, just give me my money back. Your app is awful and I have lost my new recipe that I thought would be safe if entered in the app. Ha! Joke was on me.

Help! Can’t Import!

I’ve had this app for years & have loved it. Now I can no longer import recipes. Easy import or custom. The wheel just keeps turning!

No App Updates!

Giving this app one star - only because there has not been any updates in more than a year, yet so many people, including myself that love it and depend on its functionality. This app had so much potential - please listen to your feedback!

great app

I love this app. I have never had any problems with it and it does all that the description says it does. Thanks!

Love it, love it,love it

Had this app for a couple of years and it’s wonderful having one place to keep all my recipes. Almost ready to say good by to my recipe box. Each time I take a card out of the box to prepare the recipe, I enter it into this little app. That way I don’t get overwhelmed imputing them all.

Been using for several years

I have been using this app for several years. I have not been disappointed. It is nice to have the app on my iPad when I am cooking and also on my phone if I am in the grocery store and need to see the ingredients I need to pick up. Very happy!

No category selection current version or syncing

I had liked my previous version and can’t move recipes to new iPad

Was good years ago

It’s a bit frustrating when you pay for an app and they don’t update it. I just did the most recent update and still no notes?!? Really so disappointed in this app. Don’t recommend it 👎🏼

Recipe App Rocks!!!!!!

I am so happy this app is being updated to be compatible with the new iOS update. This is my one and only app for storing my recipes. I was recently thinking what would I do if it were to be put by the wayside by the developer. Thank you for continuing with this great app! The tutorials are wonderful as I am not a big techy! This app is well worth it!

Love this App!

I really love the ease of using this app. I wish the developer would make it compatible for my MacBook! This would make it perfect!

Great app

This is a great app. I like having my recipes with me and easier to change. Currently been using word documents and pdf files of family recipes that will never need changing. It’s easy to add them to this app. Only problem I have is making a shopping list. It doesn’t combine the ingredients to tell you how many cups of chicken broth you need for all the recipes you are shopping for. And they aren’t grouped in alphabetical order so I’m shopping and realized I need more broth. Or bigger container of parmesan cheese.

Needs an update

Not operating up to par after iOS updates. Help!!


This is the best app I have tried. I try other apps, they do not compare to this app.

Love app till today

I have been using this app along with my girls. It has always opened up and We love it. Today I tried using it and it says New Timer (1) Your kitchen timer has expired OK My app on my phone works. BUT not on my iPad. What can I do?

No way to contact developer

I don’t know if they still. Red to update to the latest IOS, but when I click to add picture to my recipe, nothing happens and I am unable to add the picture. Please fix and I will be more than happy to give you 5 stars.


If this app worked correctly consistently, it would get 5 stars. But I often have trouble with the custom importer. Selecting text is tricky & the "title/ingredients/directions" doesn't always pop up when I can finally select the text, which is infuriating.

Enjoying this app

I recently lost about a years worth of recipes from another app, so I am greatly appreciative that this app backs/syncs everything online. The recipes are clean & clear, and I love that you can add/change the category names on iPad. Improvement feedback- I would love if photos were bigger on the printed recipes. I would also appreciate if you could print your notes and extra pictures, as it is nice to have on the iPad, but doesn't help if you are making a printable recipe book. My last request is to change the formatting when you type "-" in the directions. It is nice that it makes it bigger (like an addition heading), but it comes out larger than the headings that you have for instructions & directions, and it would be nice if it could match. Thank you for this app!! I'm so glad to have it!!

Waste of money

This app comes with a set of recipies that cannot be deleted. It does not allow for paragraphs or sections and bullets and numbers everything. Terrible if you are a stickler for detail. Response to dev: not sure I will be willing to individually delete the number of unwanted recipes. I'll be happy to reinstall it if the updated app is able to meet my needs. Thanks for responding!

One of the most useful apps

There isn't many more apps that let you not only import recipes from any website, but also let's you add your own personal ones as well. It’s truly a “one stop shop” cooking tool. I use it all the time. They’ve never bugged me about rating the app, so that makes me more likely to write a review, and a positive one at that. Totally worth the money.

Crashed adding recipe

I got the title and time entered and when I clicked category it crashed.

No check off list while preparing a dish :-(

I'm a little surprised not to see a check off list for when ingredients are added while preparing a dish, in this latest release. :-( Will there be a check off list while adding ingredients while preparing a dish ??

Not as good as it used to be

Have used this app for years and loved sharing with family members. All of a sudden when I try to share a recipe via email, it doesn't go through? Major bummer!

Love this app.. but some suggestions

This app is awesome! I just wish I could access the app from my desktop so I don't have to do the strenuous cut and paste when the website i am cutting and pasting from is formatted differently. The recipes I get are not always from the ones that are easily downloadable to this app. Also, would be nice if we could get a link to the video that we found online, or a link for the original location of the website. Maybe you can let us do a "custom" category, for "slow cooker" or type of food. That would be great. Other than that, love the app!

My Favorite recipe app

This is my favorite recipe app that I have ever tried. I like that I can easily import from popular recipe sites. It is intuitively easy to use!

Use to love it, now moving on...

Loved the app and used it for many years. At this one time you were able to backup to your iTunes account. Now they removed the backup button and you have to use their cloud sync. No thanks. Not everyone has their head in the clouds for big data purposes. Moving to Paprika app.

So far so good.

So far so good. I wish we could log in to our account on a computer and add recipes from there. I have a lot of recipes and having to retype them is taking forever. It would be way faster to be able to copy and paste

It works but there is better

This app was probably a life saver when it came out. But one free and one $5 app are better now. The home screen is busy with things besides YOUR stuff and they decided to fill my recipes with a bunch of ones I didn't ask for. The categories are not customizable unless I'm missing something on the website that I'm not going to see because I'm on my phone. So I can't search by categories that are important to me or by ingredients that I made as categories like on the other good recipe apps. The option to selectively add ingredients instead of the whole recipe is the one stand out of this app over others.

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